Alternative Placement

My alternative placement as part of my Professional Master of Education in Art and Design with Digital Media was completed in St. Louis Secondary School in Dundalk.

My placement involved the creation of an interactive graphic that represented the whole school system, all policies being implemented and supporting organisations interacted with for throughout the academic year.

The interactive document created is structured into 8 different segments - each of which being a determined as a key area within the school. Each heading within these segments is clickable and directs the viewer to further relevant content. The colour palette used is in line with the St. Louis Secondary School branding and seeks to reinforce the schools unique identity. The graphic itself was created using Adobe Illustrator and interactive links were established in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

The opportunity to work closely with school management on this project supported me in gaining a better knowledge of the work of senior management in a school. It also enabled me to develop a better understanding of the role of external agencies in the education sector and helped me comprehend their impact on the whole school system.