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Speaking at the opening of ‘Never Done Art’ PME Exhibition, Limerick School of Art and Design. Photo Credit: Shelagh Honan LSAD.

Professional Profile

I graduated in 2015 from Dublin School of Creative Arts, DIT with a BA in (Design) Visual Communications. During my time in DIT, I developed an artist identity that is firmly based on community involvement and social justice. One project (as part of my coursework) which focused on social justice was commended by University of Gloucestershire and subsequently exhibited in the Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham.

On completion of my undergraduate degree, I worked in the industry for several months as a graphic designer before being awarded a fellowship at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice. I undertook my residency at the Scuola in 2016 alongside a group of international artists. During my time at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, I specifically focused on printmaking; developing a body of work in soft ground and hard ground etching, photo incision and aquatint.

On my return to Ireland, I took up a full time position in Trinity College Dublin as a Graphic Designer. During my time working in TCD, I led the rebranding (visual identity) of the Department of Sport; which included development of a sport kit alongside the creation of a mascot for the college.

Having always wanted to pursue a career in teaching, I started the Professional Masters in Art and Design Education with Digital Media in 2017. During my time on the PME I gained many insights into teaching and learning, while thoroughly enjoying my time in the classroom. Many of my students projects were enriched with external links being made with a number of notable individuals. These included; Virginia McKenna OBE, H.H Desmond Tutu, Senator Sherry Rehman (Pakistan) and Pope Francis.

I am a strong supporter of charitable causes have creatively contributed towards fundraising initiatives for both the Jack and Jill foundation and Goal Global.

I am a professional member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland and hold membership of Visual Artists Ireland.