Visual Narrative Storybook

1st year students at St. Louis Secondary School Dundalk, created a visual narrative storybook based on the life of wildlife conservationist, George Adamson. With each student developing 3-4 images each (based on sentences from the story) this collaborative drawing approach encouraged students to work with their peers in ensuring and understandable visual transition from one image to the next.

During the course of the project students received a number of resources from the Born Free Foundation, which introduced student to the foundations work on the ground in Africa and helped them develop a visual style. Later students would find their work featured in the same magazines (see image below).

Students received feedback on their project from a number of people who knew George Adamson and now work to support his legacy. Virginia McKenna OBE, who expressed great interest in the students work.

Liberty of the Lion is deeply touching and very special. The way in which you have portrayed the life of George Adamson, and some of the lions he loved so much, is wonderful in its imaginative approach and simplicity. My warmest thanks and appreciation to you and your teacher
— Virginia McKenna OBE